Robust tool
for your communication
Soin Tickets is our robust tool which helps customers connect directly to our developers. When customers need to make some improvements for their websites, tablet apps or mobile apps, they can submit requests within Soin Tickets.
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Soin Tickets

Our developers immediately know what they need to do. Push notifications will be sent to developers who in charge of those requests.

How it works

With Soin Tickets, you can do these actions: create projects, manage groups, submit tickets, upload photos, upload attachments, write comments for a ticket, read quotes for inspiration.
Create Projects

Project is a piece of planned work or an activity that is finished over a period of time and intended to achieve a particular purpose.
Step 1: Sign In

Step 2: Click on "+ Project"

Step 3: Input information of a project

- Project Name
- Sort Order
- Featured
- Status
- Project Type.

Step 4: Save Changes

Manage Groups

You can create many Groups for a project. Each Group will contain several Tickets.
Submit Tickets

A Ticket contains information of work need to be done. Ticket can be a task, a feedback of bug, or an information log.
Upload Photos

You can upload Photos for a specific ticket. Photo can be a design, a screenshot, a picture, ... of work need to be done.
Upload Attachments

You can attachment Word, Excel, PDF files for a ticket.
Write Comments for a Ticket

You can communicate with our developers by writing comments for a specific ticket.
Read Quotes for Inspiration

Sometime you need a boost for your motivation, you can click on Inspire button to get a random quote.